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Together with our own manufactured products, we integrate and supply products from these world famous manufacturers:

Leica Microscopes from GT Vision

Olympus Microscopes from GT Vision

Meiji Microscopes from GT Vision

GX Microscopes from GT Vision 

Media Cybernetics Cameras, Image Analysis & Imaging Systems from GT Vision

Microvision Image Analysis Systems from GT Vision

SmartDrive Motorization Systems from GT Vision 

Prior Scientific Motorized Microscopy Systems from GT Vision

Marzhauser Motorized Microscopy Systems from GT Vision

Objective Imaging Automation Control from GT Vision

JVC Cameras from GT Vision



Microscopes and Imaging Products for:

Microscopy & Imaging for Biology

Microscopy & Imaging for Materials, Metallurgy & Industry

Microscopy & Imaging for Entomology

Microscopy & Imaging for Collections Managers eg Museums









There is a huge range of cameras available for microscopy applications, as an independent company we aim to supply a range of products chosen for their price, performance and support which we have fully tested and can recommend for your specific application.
There are different technologies available for microscope cameras from analogue to digital, CMOS sensors to CCD and even EMCCD and with our experience in the field of imaging we will be happy to advise on the best system suitable for you. 
We offer both have our own range of GXCAM cameras and supply cameras from these famous manufacturers:
Media Cybernetics ● JVC ● Lumenera ● Motic
These cameras are suitable for use on almost all types of microscope imaging including research fluorescence, routine image documentation, image analysis and teaching
Color Imaging for Materials & Biology:
GT Vision DIC Materilas Inspection For advanced scientific imaging GT Vision recommends the QImaging
range of advanced CCD cameras.  The MicroPublisher 3.3RTV and 5.0 RTV offer exceptional
color performance for histology, pathology, materials imaging and general scientific imaging delivering publication
quality images of the highest standard.

For specific applications where high color fidelity is required such as in areas of entomology and histology then we can offer 3CCD cameras
GT Vision Fluorescence Imaging
Fluorescence Imaging:
For low light level imaging applications such as fluorescence capture we have a range of cameras from simple cooled systems for routine applications to advanced cameras for live cell imaging, radiometric imaging and FRET.

Image Analysis:
All cameras can be used for image analysis but certain applications demand higher performance GT Vision Image Analaysis in some aspects such as high speed image output for automated scanning applications such as Filtrex filter analysis.  It is also important that the camera is well supported by the image analysis software developer, this means that only cameras with high quality developer kits tend to be used.

See our UK on-line shop www.gxoptical.com
Click on the pictures below to download example datasheets of just some of our Cameras, please contact us for details of our full range or more information on a specific type or cameras from other manufacturers


GT Vision Cameras

GXCAM Cameras
GT Vision GXCAM Cameras

MicroPublisher Cameras
GT Vision Micropublisher Cameras

QICAM Cameras
GT Vision QICAM  Cameras

EXi Blue Live Cell Imaging Camera
GT Vision EXI Blue 150x151

JVC 3CCD Digital Color Camera
GT Vision JVC 3CCD Digital Camera

Lumenera Cameras
GT Vision Lumenera Infinity Camera

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