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Together with our own manufactured products, we integrate and supply products from these world famous manufacturers:

Leica Microscopes from GT Vision

Olympus Microscopes from GT Vision

Meiji Microscopes from GT Vision

GX Microscopes from GT Vision 

Media Cybernetics Cameras, Image Analysis & Imaging Systems from GT Vision

Microvision Image Analysis Systems from GT Vision

SmartDrive Motorization Systems from GT Vision 

Prior Scientific Motorized Microscopy Systems from GT Vision

Marzhauser Motorized Microscopy Systems from GT Vision

Objective Imaging Automation Control from GT Vision

JVC Cameras from GT Vision



Microscopes and Imaging Products for:

Microscopy & Imaging for Biology

Microscopy & Imaging for Materials, Metallurgy & Industry

Microscopy & Imaging for Entomology

Microscopy & Imaging for Collections Managers eg Museums










GT Vision InsectAt GT Vision both manufacture our own range of GX Microscopes & Trekker microscopes
and are major authorized dealers for microscopes from these well known manufacturers:
● Olympus ● Meiji ● Motic
We specialize in the supply of microscopes for all levels of users
Student, teaching & hobbyists Routine for collections managers and researchers Research grade

At GT Vision we are constantly reviewing and testing microscopes from all the leading manufacturers and many less well-known brands. Our range covers high performance stereo and macroscopes for observing pinned insects, compound research microscopes for looking at parts of insects such as genitalia and even portable microscopes for field work. Our expert staff can offer expert advice on microscope selection, detailed knowledge of camera and imaging system compatibilities, motorization options and an unbiased opinion about the relative merits of the different manufacturer’s ranges

See our UK on-line shop www.gxoptical.com
Click on the pictures below to download example datasheets of just some of our products, please contact us for details of our full range or more information on a specific type or microscopes from other manufacturers such as Leica, Olympus, Meiji or Motic


GT Vision Microscopes

Upright Microscopes for dissected insects
GT Vision GXM Biological Upright Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes
GT Vision GXM  Stereo Microscopes

 Leica Research Stereo Microscopes
GT Vision Leica M205 Stereo Zoom Microscope

Stereo Microscope Illumination
GT Vision GXM Stereo Microscope Illumination Systems

Portable Microscopes
GT Vision Trekker Portable Microscopes

Digital Microscope
GT Vision GXM Digital Microscopes s


GT Vision Insect HeadThere is a huge range of cameras available for entomological microscopy applications, as an independent company we aim to supply a range of products chosen for their price, performance and support which we have fully tested and can recommend for your specific application.
There are different technologies available for microscope cameras from analogue to digital, CMOS sensors to CCD and even EMCCD and with our experience in the field of imaging we will be happy to advise on the best system suitable for you. 

We offer both have our own range of GXCAM cameras and supply cameras from these famous manufacturers:
Media Cybernetics ● JVC ● Lumenera ● Motic
These cameras are suitable for use on almost all types of microscope imaging including research fluorescence, routine image documentation, image analysis and teaching
Color Imaging:
For advanced scientific imaging GT Vision recommends 3CCD Cameras from JVC for the perfect color image  but also the QImaging range of advanced CCD cameras such as the  MicroPublisher 3.3RTV and 5.0 RTV which offer good color performanceentomology and general scientific imaging delivering publication
quality images of the highest standard.

See our UK on-line shop www.gxoptical.com
Click on the pictures below to download example datasheets of just some of our Cameras, please contact us for details of our full range or more information on a specific type or cameras from other manufacturers


GT Vision Cameras

GXCAM Cameras
GT Vision GXCAM Cameras

MicroPublisher Cameras
GT Vision Micropublisher Cameras

JVC Cameras
GT Vision JVC 3CCD Digital Camera


GT EntoVision specialize in the supply of fully configured systems specifically designed for use by Entomologists. We can promise the best possible results, hassle-free installation, 100% compatibility of all components and great backup from our staff who really know about imaging entomological specimens.
Our team of imaging experts have taken great care in the choice of components when designing the systems, ensuring that each has been thoroughly tested and found to be ideal by Entomologists. 
There are a number of systems available dependant on budget, the specific application (eg pinned or slide mounted specimens), portability considerations, speed and convenience of use and whether it is a multi-user system.  Your GT Vision advisor will be able to quickly determine the ideal configuration for your lab and budget.

Typical systems of this type include:

Extended Depth of Focus Imaging of Entomological Specimens
Taking pictures of many specimens such as entomological collections at high magnifications nearly always generates problems of depth of focus. GT Vision has a range of solutions that eliminate this problem and generate some highly valuable 3D data at the same time.

Tray Scanning Systems
Scanning trays of specimens is now made easy with the large format motorized stage and control systems offered by GT EntoVision.  Ideal for collections management, specimen cataloguing and GT Vision Scanned Butterfly Collectiondata access projects

Image Databasing
Capturing images of your specimens is one matter, organizing the data so that it can be easily found and viewed later by you and your colleagues is quite a separate issue.  GT Vision provides Archimed Pro as a great solution to all your databasing needs. This product incorporates all the image capture and annotation facilities with an integrated database based on Microsoft’s Access database engine.

As these systems are an integration of products from a variety of the very best manufacturers and are specific to each customer’s application needs we will be able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of the system suitable for you, please  contact us for details. Some examples are shown below::

Imaging Systems

GT Vision Imaging Software

Extended Focus Systems
GT Vision Extended Focus Product Datasheet

Tray Imaging Systems
GT Vision Satscan-Collections Imaging System

Image Stitching Systems
GT Vision Image Stitching Example Product

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