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Together with our own manufactured products, we integrate and supply products from these world famous manufacturers:

Leica Microscopes from GT Vision

Olympus Microscopes from GT Vision

Meiji Microscopes from GT Vision

GX Microscopes from GT Vision 

Media Cybernetics Cameras, Image Analysis & Imaging Systems from GT Vision

Microvision Image Analysis Systems from GT Vision

SmartDrive Motorization Systems from GT Vision 

Prior Scientific Motorized Microscopy Systems from GT Vision

Marzhauser Motorized Microscopy Systems from GT Vision

Objective Imaging Automation Control from GT Vision

JVC Cameras from GT Vision

Image Analysis

Image Analysis

Microscopes and Imaging Products for:

Microscopy & Imaging for Biology

Microscopy & Imaging for Materials, Metallurgy & Industry

Microscopy & Imaging for Entomology

Microscopy & Imaging for Collections Managers eg Museums









GT Vision are specialists in the supply of image analysis systems.  We select the appropriate components for your application and integrate them into robust and reliable systems.  Our systems are built around products from these largest developers of image analysis products:
Media Cybernetics
Microvision Instruments
Our most popular image analysis systems typically comprise of a motorised microscope, camera and software. 
A range of example applications and general purpose tools is shown below. 
For further details of these and other image analysis systems please ask us and we will be pleased to help.

We have products suitable for these applications:

Industrial Imaging:GT Vision Mineral Analysis
GT Vision DIC Inspection Automated Particle Counting and Sizing on Filters (ISO16232, ISO4406 & others)
Automating Particle size and shape analysis
ASTM grain sizing in metallurgy
Inclusion counting in metallurgy
Multiple phase area fractions in materials
VideoMet component size analysis

GT Vision Histology Cell Morphology
GT Vision Filter Particle CountingPharmaceutical & Medical:
Radial immunodiffusion assay
Colony counting
Inhibition zone sizing
Histological Area sizing, color analysis and cell counting
Flourescence image analysis
3D volumetric analysis

Image Analysis

GT Vision Image Analysis Systems

GT Vision MV Ellix Particle Size and Shape Analysis Datasheet

GT Vision MV Filtrex Automated Filter Analysis Datasheet

GT Vision MV HistoLab Histology Image Analysis Datasheet

GT Vision MV Immulab ImmunoDiffusion Assay Image Analysis Datasheet

GT Vision Media Cybernetics ImageProPlus General Purpose Image Analaysis Datasheet

GT Vision MV VideoMet Industrial Analysis Datasheet

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