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Together with our own manufactured products, we integrate and supply products from these world famous manufacturers:

Leica Microscopes from GT Vision

Olympus Microscopes from GT Vision

Meiji Microscopes from GT Vision

GX Microscopes from GT Vision 

Media Cybernetics Cameras, Image Analysis & Imaging Systems from GT Vision

Microvision Image Analysis Systems from GT Vision

SmartDrive Motorization Systems from GT Vision 

Prior Scientific Motorized Microscopy Systems from GT Vision

Marzhauser Motorized Microscopy Systems from GT Vision

Objective Imaging Automation Control from GT Vision

JVC Cameras from GT Vision


Filtrex Image Analysis

Microscopes and Imaging Products for:

Microscopy & Imaging for Biology

Microscopy & Imaging for Materials, Metallurgy & Industry

Microscopy & Imaging for Entomology

Microscopy & Imaging for Collections Managers eg Museums









Fully Automated Particle Sizing and Counting of Filtered Liquids

GT Vision Filltrex Particles GT Vision Filtrex Fibres GT Vision Filtrex Particles2 GT Vision Filter 190x150

GT Vision Filtrex Screenshot

Automated Quality Control
Filtrex is an advanced automatic particle and fiber counting system.  It is specifically designed to analyze particulates trapped on the surface of filters. The analysis uses advanced image analysis and microscope automation techniques to provide extremely rapid and accurate counting of whole or user specified areas of filters.

Filtrex offers an easy and efficient way to scan your filters. Just place the filter on the microscope stage and start the scan.

Efficient software combined with very high speed automated microscopy performs, autofocus, particle detection, counting, sizing and sorting in just a few seconds per field.

Unique & Complete

  • Superfast autofocus tracks uneven surfaces
  • Increased accuracy with the most powerful particle and fiber detection algorithms
  • Automatic connection of particles/fibers that cover more than one field of view. The only system with perfect conformance to ISO standards.
  • Real-time update of tables and map of filter showing particle positions
  • Longest dimension and width marked on every particle and the marks move with the image during scanning!
  • Easy set up procedures with entry of all major parameters precisely as specified in the standards
  • Automatic storage and reporting of all parameters used
  • Use of very high speed, very high precision, motorised stage controllers
  • Instant, pre-formatted reports constantly updated and ready to print
  • User definable tables, data export, numerous additional features

Typical System Components

  • Motorised microscope with high accuracy scanning stage with encoders, autofocus, high resolution color camera, transmitted and incident illumination.
  • High performance PC & LCD monitor with motorisation controller, camera interface, joystick interface, Filtrex software.
  • 3 axis joystick

GT Vision Filtrex Results 2

GT Vision Filtrex Results


Image Analysis

GT Vision Image Analysis Systems

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