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Together with our own manufactured products, we integrate and supply products from these world famous manufacturers:

Leica Microscopes from GT Vision

Olympus Microscopes from GT Vision

Meiji Microscopes from GT Vision

GX Microscopes from GT Vision 

Media Cybernetics Cameras, Image Analysis & Imaging Systems from GT Vision

Microvision Image Analysis Systems from GT Vision

SmartDrive Motorization Systems from GT Vision 

Prior Scientific Motorized Microscopy Systems from GT Vision

Marzhauser Motorized Microscopy Systems from GT Vision

Objective Imaging Automation Control from GT Vision

JVC Cameras from GT Vision



Microscopes and Imaging Products for:

Microscopy & Imaging for Biology

Microscopy & Imaging for Materials, Metallurgy & Industry

Microscopy & Imaging for Entomology

Microscopy & Imaging for Collections Managers eg Museums









We both manufacture our own range of GX Microscopes & Trekker microscopes
and are major authorized dealers for microscopes from these well known manufacturers:
● Olympus ● Meiji ● Motic
We supply microscopes for all levels of users
Student, teaching & hobbyists Routine for hospitals, industry, research centres & universities Research
See our UK on-line shop www.gxoptical.com

GT Vision GXM L3200B MicroscopeGT Vision GXM XTL101 Stereo Zoom Microscope GT Vision GXM GXD202 Inverted MicroscopeGT Vision Olympus BX61 research MicroscopeGT Vision Leica M125 Stereo Zoom Microscope


GT Vision Microscopes

There is a huge range of cameras available for microscopy applications, as an independent company we aim to supply a range of products chosen for their price, performance and support which we have fully tested and can recommend for your specific application.
There are different technologies available for microscope cameras from analogue to digital, CMOS sensors to CCD and even EMCCD and with our experience in the field of imaging we will be happy to advise on the best system suitable for you. 
We offer both have our own range of GXCAM cameras and supply cameras from these famous manufacturers:
Media Cybernetics ● JVC ● Lumenera ● Motic
These cameras are suitable for use on almost all types of microscopes including research fluorescence, industrial and teaching.
See our UK on-line shop www.gxoptical.com

GT Vision GXCAM GT Vision Micropublisher GT Vision QICAM


GT Vision Cameras

GT Vision are specialists in the supply of image analysis systems.  We select the appropriate components for your application and integrate them into robust and reliable systems.  Our systems are built around products from these largest developers of image analysis products:
Media Cybernetics
Microvision Instruments
Our most popular image analysis systems typically comprise of a motorised microscope, camera and software.  Examples include Automated Filter Analysis for Cleanliness Applications, Metallurgical grain sizing and phase analysis, biological cell morphology and histological tissue analysis & industrial component sizing.

GT Vision DIC Inspection GT Vision Histology Cell MorphologyGT Vision Mineral AnalysisGT Vision Filter Particle Counting

Image Analysis

GT Vision Image Analysis Systems

We combine the best equipment on the market to produce a dedicated system which matches your application and budget.  The system is built at our dedicated laboratory then installed on site and the user fully trained in the operation and management of the system.  We also arrange full systems training courses.
Typical systems of this type include:
Automated 3D deconvolution and 3D modelling of biological specimens
Extended depth of focus imaging of entomological specimens
Live cell imaging
Kenetic studies
Ratiometric imaging
Image Stitching Systems

GT Vision DeconvolutionGT Vision Entomological Focus ExtendingGT Vision Fluorescence ImagingGT Vision Image Stitching

Imaging Systems

GT Vision Imaging Software

GT Vision offer the largest range of microscope automation and scanning systems in the world.  We supply a wide range of components such as motorized stages and focus systems, motorization controllers and software (including SDKs) and complete systems.  We have developed a range of solutions including:
Automatic slide loading and scanning and image stitching
Large area object scanning (over 4m x 4m) for museums and galleries
TFT display Scanning Inspection Systems
Z-series stacking
Industrial inspection of components
Automated analysis of specimens over wide areas at high magnifications

GT Vision SideDriveGT Vision Satscan-ArtGT Vision Satscan-CollectionsGT Vision Bespoke Scanning System


GT Vision Microscope Automation & Scanning Systems
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